Whale Watching Reports 2015

I am proclaiming its officially the beginning of first class whale watching today. There are around 60 whales in the bay and they are playing up big time.

Muggings, breaching, pec slaps, spy hops, you name they are doing it. Entertaining our guests no end. Here are a few pics from today.
Update by Yahoo Whale Watch

Excitement out on the water today. Each operator is hanging out with their own whales, which means there are quite a few more whales in the bay, let's say 15+. Let's hope it's the first big pulse to arrive, which means many more to start making their way in. This weather is set to remain over the weekend, glassed out and warm, couldn't ask for better.
Update by Spirit of Hervey Bay Whale Watch

Woohoo or YAHOO if you will, our whale whispering techniques are paying off.

There are approximately 10 whales in the Bay, the start of many more to come.

We had our first mugging for the season today, along with spy hops and pec slaps.

Getting Excited...... BRING IT ON!
Update by Yahoo Whale Watch

What a beautiful day in the bay today, if you can find a spot in the sun and out of the breeze that is.

The whales have decided they are going to take their time reaching Hervey Bay this year. Unlike last year at this time when we had quite a few pods in the bay, today there is only one pod of 2 whales. You never know what might happen overnight though, everybody get their whale calling techniques mastered and let's entice these whales into the bay.
Update by Spirit of Hervey Bay

2014 Reports

Absolutely brilliant weather and whales we are having. The best start to a season I can remember .....more than 15 years. Very unusual behaviour from this friendly whale. He swam around and around the Spirit for ages.....with its mouth open. Very rare to see a whale with its mouth open. These are great shots, showing its lovely pink tongue, huge bottom jaw (which looks like its been dislocated, it hasn't) and even a look at his eye...checking us out I suspect. Weather is looking fantastic for the coming week. We would love to welcome your guests aboard for an exciting whale watching adventure.

Can't believe what a great start to the season we are having. Today's amazing news is that the whales are singing. This is very unusual for this time of year, is usually in September. Our guests could hear them through our underwater viewing windows, so we dropped the underwater hydrophone over the side to broadcast it all over the boat. Skipper says it is a new song he has never heard before, even more exciting.

Another weekend of perfect whale watching weather forecast. The whales have been plentiful and putting on a great show. This week our guests have been treated to a number of mothers in the bay teaching their babies new tricks, dolphins riding the bow of the boat, a few turtles and even the odd Dingo on the beach of Fraser Island.

How glorious is this weather! Well, not only are the whales attracted to the bright yellow of the Spirit but so are the dolphins. Our passengers were treated to a show from a pod of dolphins interacting with the whales today, or should I say annoying the whales. Sometimes it looks like the dolphins purposely (or should I say porpoisely, sorry about that) tease and annoy the whales to get them to react and give them a splash. A couple of pics attached. This weather is set to continue for a few more days and we have plenty of room aboard the Spirit. Remember 8.30am to 2.00pm, morning tea, buffet lunch, free dvd, free wifi (very popular) and much much more.

What an absolutely spectacular day out on the bay today. Our passengers had a taste of everything the beautiful humpback whales have to offer. Loads and loads of whales out there. It's getting so crowded out there we even had 3 whales alongside Big Woody Island breaching all around us, then they decided to stop showing off and came over to the boat and mugged us for a good hour, checking us out. What a day!!! Plenty of room on tomorrows whale watching cruise, we would love to treat your guests to another spectacular day out on the bay aboard the Spirit.

Another beautiful day in paradise. Lovely to see Edwina from Sunrise strolling along Pelicans Banks this morning. Hopefully they are getting some fantastic whale footage this afternoon that will be shown on tomorrow mornings show. Yay! Weather looking pretty good over the next few days and from our lovely south, southeasterly direction. Our passengers today were treated to another great day out on the Spirit. Heaps of whales in the bay doing their thing, playing around and entertaining us all. Remember we have the most area inside, to keep our pax warm and away from the cold winds when we are travelling fast... and you still get to enjoy all the beautiful scenery that the bay has to offer through our large windows. Also the most area outside once we stop to view the whales with everyone having front row viewing over 5 levels of deck space. We still have plenty of room over the next few days.